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Our Favorite On-Screen Heroines and The Hoops They Wore

Our Favorite On-Screen Heroines and The Hoops They Wore

Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love - Julia wears medium size gold and silver hoops, which lend a little bit of a exotic/world traveler feel to her outfits in the movie. 

simple hoop earringssimple hoop earrings

Kiera Knightley in Collateral Beauty - Kiera plays the physical embodiment of the abstraction “Love”, perfectly channeling a modern day English Rose look with delicate silver hoops. 

simple silver hoopsthin silver hoops

Anne Hathaway in One Day - this rom-com shows Anne looking more reserved with smaller gold hoops when her hair is up. Then, she switches to larger silver hoops with her hair down to show us a wilder side of the movie character.

small gold hoop earringsmedium gold hoop earrings

Janelle Monae in Moonlight - Janelle channels the perfect tough and sweet look with her classic gold, bamboo hoops. 

bamboo hoop earrings
July 24, 2017 by Tulinh Tran
Tags: get the look
How Mega Influencers Wear Hoops

How Mega Influencers Wear Hoops

Hoop Earrings are an eternal classic. Get inspired on different ways to wear them by the looks of these mega-influencers.


olivia palermo hoop earringscelebrity diamond hoop earringsjennifer lopez hoop earringsrihanna hoop earringsdrew barrymore hoop earrings

kendall jenner hoop earringsangelina jolie hoop earringskim kardashian hoop earringsjulia roberts hoop earringsjessica alba hoopsprincess diana hoopsoprah hoopslucy liu hoops

July 24, 2017 by Ellison Trejos
Tags: how to wear